“The Voice” Series and Its Importance for Businesses

The winner of The Voice” series needed to not only have a great voice, they needed to be saleable, convincing.

We heard all the coaches, use this word “believable, I believed you more,” time and time again in both the training sessions and the selection competitions. Do people believe what you say?

I believe that like a singer needs to sell a song, business today needs to be believable. It has left the hard sell behind and is being replaced by intimate relationships. Businesses need to build great relationships, and work at attracting and keeping customers. Integrity, and showing who you are as a person and a company, and how that is portrayed is integral to your success.

People select a product or service and the winner of the Voice because the contestant has developed instant rapport with them, usually visually and emotionally. We are given information about their background story, and see their struggles from which the audience will like and can associate with. Reality TV following their journey (which is highlighted regularly), gives the sense that we are quite intimate with them. This elicits for the most times a sense of vulnerability and honesty, and a with this knowledge we are moved by them and decide their true value and most importantly their trustworthiness hoping they will succeed.

The audience in voting for them is actually based on voting for the values and experiences which they hold as priority. It is therefore so important that all businesses are clear about what their purpose is, even if it is to be the cheapest item, and be open and congruent with their actions toward their target audience.

Businesses who promote and market clearly to their audience and who are true to their word in all their interactions ie are congruently branded, are going to do well. They will give their clients what they want because they have taken the time to establish rapport and are true to their word. The new markets are determined by social media, facebook and twitter, where all customers see instantly the thoughts of other customers.
Tip 1 . Try Not to Look Nervous !!!!!

YouTube videos are used more now than Google searches. There are many business people who lack the skills to convey who they really are in basic interactions and presentations even though their product or service is amazing.

If they appear nervous simply due to the fear of speaking in public the audience senses they are holding something back. The fear of speaking in front of people or camera for YouTube makes people hesitant or worse indicates that you are hiding something and are not being truthful and therefore trustworthy. Take a deep breath and think of something funny before you start. (Don’t do the “Imagine they are naked” thing)
Tip 2. Look the Part.

Oh and I will point out that with all the competition out there you only have one chance to get it right. Effective communication incorporates the clothes or uniform you wear, your speaking and body language skills as well as your confidence, then when you have clarified your credibility they might invest or vote for your product or service.
Tip 3. Step Up and Break Through your Imagined Barriers.

Contestants on the voice step up when they really get that they will only get one chance at this so they need to make it count they need to own the stage and not hesitate. Hesitation means that they may not believe in their product. All business will fail in the first round of competition if they cannot communicate how good their service or idea really is clearly and quickly.
Tip 4. Prepare, Practise and Practise.

If you do all your homework and rehearse and rehearse, take the video. Pause and rewind, repeat and improve. It won’t take long before you are giving Awesome Performances Naturally.