Passion in your Performance/Presentations

Often people will tell you face to face how passionate they are about a subject or their business or their goals, yet when they need to convey that passion to a group of people the energy just dies.

What is happening is they are going into mental overdrive. They look like they are stunned in the headlights of oncoming traffic and are paralysed.

Mentally they are wondering how is the best way to put my ideas so they will be received the best. By doing this their words and actions get slowed down in the process because of everything going on in the background.

If I was to ask them a few simple questions such as What is it about your business that you love? or Why is your product better than anything else on the market? or What makes this song so important to you? I would get the exact words, body language and expressions that would not only convince one person but would convince hundreds of people that they are really passionate about their thing.

The secret is keep it simple.

Think of the critical elements that make this special and amazing.

People have so many pro’s in their heads they get caught up thinking about which ones to use first.

Yes there will be those facts and figures people who need their scientific ego tickled to win them over, and even facts and figures can be made to look sexy and alluring too if you are clever enough (now thats a challenge to throw forth). In the words of my marketing gurus, people buy from emotions and validate it with facts.

I recently watched a promotional video for a university, and several lecturers, said they were passionate about teaching our future leaders. Just reading the words doesn’t do it justice. It was like, Oh my goodness, call the coroner these guys are dead and don’t know it yet. They said it with total mono-tonal voices and glum looks on their faces and tempo that was slower than a death knoll. I certainly wouldn’t have signed up for that university.

Even old people have passion, sometimes they have much more, because they are less hung up about looking good than the rest of us. So if you are going to tell someone about your idea and you want them to be engaged, show that you believe what you are saying, that you are passionate about it. Put that belief into your voice, face and body and don’t sound like a zombie mouthing the words for words sake. Remember to keep it simple with the critical elements that make it special and amazing.